School Visits

This past Monday was my last school visit for the year.  I spoke with 6th and 7th graders at the Nottingham Middle School in New Hampshire.  A great school with wonderful students.  It was a fantastic way to end the school year for me.

I have to admit, the thing I’ve enjoyed most since GreenFyr was published last August – in terms of the book – have been my author visits to schools.  Even more so than the readings and signings, and what aspiring writer hasn’t dreamed about those?  It’s funny because I never thought of myself as much of a public speaker or presenter, and maybe these poor students I’ve subjected myself to would agree, but it’s such a tremendous opportuntity, no privelege, to be allowed into their classrooms to discuss GreenFyr and my writing process with them.  I’ve actually even been given the opportunity to sit in on their own writing groups and clubs, the students sharing their own works with me!  Being someone who’s written for a long time, I still remember that trepedation of sharing your work, your deepest thoughts and creations, with someone you know, let along a complete stranger.  It’s been an amazing honor to meet these students this past year, and one I won’t likely forget anytime soon.

I’m already looking forward to my author visits in the fall when school resumes.

Until then, I’ll be working hard this summer on Book 2, hoping to have it finished by the fall, as well as the story I shelved once GreenFyr was published and began stealing away all my time.  The Last Valkyrie has been calling to me this past year and it’s time to finish it as well.  So, you’ll forgive me if I cut this short and get back to work…


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