Last Reading of the Summer

I had my last reading for the summer this past Wednesday at the Lanpher Library in Hyde Park, VT, my home town library.  It was a great event with a nice group of people attending (thanks!).  I love this library.  I bring my girls here every week and it’s always a wonderful feeling to read here.  Lanpher was the first library to host me, my first reading ever actually, and it was a nice way to end this first year of readings.

But don’t worry, I’m not taking the summer off!  On the contrary, I’m taking full advantage of the summer and will be writing, writing, writing.  I plan on finishing Book Two by the fall as well as wrap up the story I started just after finishing GreenFyr, but before it was accepted to be published.

Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you posted of my progress!


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This blog is the result of when a geek and dad has a penchant for writing.
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