Neil Gaiman, bears, and me…

So I was just reading Neil Gaiman’s online journal.  Yes, I follow his journal.  No, I wouldn’t consider myself a cyber-stalker. Yes, I think he’s amazing.  And, yes, there have been a time or two I wished I was his and Joss Whedon’s (he’ll get his own post later on) illegitimate love child.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Gaiman’s since I first read Neverwhere.  Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and Smoke and Mirrors quickly followed suit and I was hooked.  In deep.  This guy is good.  Understatement of the decade.  Plus, he does it all.  Books (adult, YA, and kids), comics, graphics novels, and movies. I just recently read the Graveyard Book, which I’ll be reviewing on here in a little bit, so all I’ll say for now is the Newberry was much, much deserved.

But that’s not the reason for this journal entry.  Nope.  Instead it has nothing to do with writing at all, but instead his own blog about the bear visiting his house, pooping on his lawn, and eating his birdseed.  He goes on to discuss whether or not “the chocolate brown slinky thing” down by his pond is a mink or fisher.  I mean, c’mon Neil, call me already!  This is what I do, Man!  You wouldn’t have had to Google “bear scat” had we been friends already!  Sheesh!  As for the lil brown thing down  by your pond, my bet it’s a mink.  Fisher are much bigger in comparison, with a fuller, poofier tail, easily as long as they are.  Mink have very small, thin, tails.  But enough already, I’m your guy.  Not only can I answer all your wildlife questions, but imagine the great conversations about literature, comics, mythology and fantasy we can have.

Too much?  Yeah, probably so, but I had to chance it, ya know?

I mean, my first job outta college was picking up bear poo for crying out loud.  I even had a fisher bite me once, through a glove, but hard enough to lose a fingernail.

So, Neil, call me already…


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