Strangers & Sarcasm

My five-year-old daughter, Barrett, discovered sarcasm yesterday.  We were driving home from school and she asked me what sarcasm was, I defined it  never thinking she’d get it right away.  Later that night she took it out for a test run.

Daughter: “Dad, dinner’s really good tonight.”

Me: “Thanks, Bear.”

Daughter: “Yeah, I was being sarcastic.”

She said this giggling like a maniac.

Later that night.

Daughter:  “Dad, like your hair.”

Me:  “Yeah?  Thanks, B.”

Daughter:  “Sarcastic again!”

Today we went to our local library in the village for story time.  It’s a great time and the girls  love our librarian and visiting the library, never wanting to leave.  When we did step out the door my oldest, Barrett,  tried to sneak out the front on her own to beat us to our car.  I wasn’t upset,  I knew she wasn’t being fresh about it, just trying to demonstrate some independence.  But, I still felt I needed to express my concerns and explain why it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave ahead of me and her sister.

I didn’t want to scare her, or be too dramatic, but I did want to emphasize the importance of staying with me and within sight.  I may have spoke about the possibility of strangers trying to take her from me or mentioned how unsafe it is to be out of my sight.  Now, what I didn’t realize was how much my two-and-a-half-year-old, Logan, would take it to heart.  For the rest of the ride home and through lunch she continued to lecture her sister.

Logan: “Barrett, be careful, Barrett.  Strangers angry.”

Not sure where she got the “angry” from, but I thought it was interesting.

Barrett was just trying to ignore her at this point, she had listened to me and been responsive to my requests for not doing something like it again.  I was enjoying her little sister’s persistence, however.

Logan: “Angry strangers have sharp teeth, Barrett.  They eat you.”

Now, I know I hadn’t mentioned sharp teeth or eating, but at this point I was figuring, “Hey,it might not be a bad thing if they think strangers are cannibalistic.”

Logan: “Me worry ’bout you, Barrett.”  Now, I was thinking this was really sweet, but I could hear Barrett’s exasperated sigh.

Barrett:  “Yeah, thanks, Logs.  Why don’t you keep talking.”

Ah, sarcasm, I think you’re here to stay.


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