Grin & Barrett

Before my oldest daughter was born I came up with an idea for a set of stories about her and a stuffed bear.  Original, I know.  The bear was the first present my wife and I bought for our unborn daughter.  He was, is, amazing.  At the time, he seemed huge.  Now, he’s less huge in comparison. We named him Grin.

Today Barrett turns seven.  It seems only moments ago I was holding her in my arms and reading her the first of many Grin and Barrett tales.  So, today, as my little girl is a year older, but still young enough to hold and hug, and squeeze and cuddle.  These stories,  for me, remind me that no matter how silly a story I could tell or weave, I could never create a character quite as amazing as my daughter, Barrett.

Happy birthday, my little Bear.


About markfreeman

This blog is the result of when a geek and dad has a penchant for writing.
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2 Responses to Grin & Barrett

  1. Cheri says:

    Lovely little story Mark. I really enjoyed it!

  2. This is a fabulous, warm-hearted story!

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