Mark’s Angry Rant

*Disclaimer: In this particular blog I make clear my feelings on politics, woman’s rights, rape, and stupid old men. My language, at times, may be colorful, possibly even harsh, and certainly not acceptable in polite company. I’m not starting a debate or dialogue with this blog, I’m just allowing myself this one rant. So, if you’re easily offended, I suggest you change the channel for the time being.*

I admit, I allude to my political leanings quite a bit, but rarely do I come out and make blanket statements on my blog or on my social media pages. It’s not what I use them for, and my mother always taught me there are three topics you should never discuss in polite company: Religion, Politics, and Sex. However, on this blog, I’m going to discuss all three of them (sorry Mom!). Today. Right now. Keep reading.

Anyone with a penis, especially an old geriatric one, should refrain from giving an opinion on what woman should do with their bodies. I’ll go one step further, if you have a penis, you shouldn’t get a say in women’s reproductive rights. You don’t get to decide what is acceptable female contraception. You shall not utter a word on abortion rights. Thou shall not produce a single syllable on what constitutes rape. Ever.

Just shut up already. No one wants to hear your thoughts on what you think “legitimate” rape is, or your thoughts on the science or divine intervention of conception. You are not a scientist, and last time I checked, no one has a direct line to God, so keep your thoughts on the matter to yourself. They’re about as helpful and enlightening as a lightning bug in a hurricane.

In other words, just because you have a dick, doesn’t mean you get to act like one. Or better yet, just keep it zipped, no one is interested.

Has anyone else noticed that this continued railing against woman’s rights and “defining rape” is being done by a bunch of dumb, old (exception Paul Ryan), men? Enough is enough.

So, let’s start with Politics. Why are we still arguing over the bodily rights for half of our population? You don’t see woman railing against men’s rights? Or, maybe they should. How about mandatory prostate screenings, exams, and internal rectal ultrasounds for every Viagra prescription? How about vasectomies for every man with a child they don’t support financially, or more importantly, emotionally. You get the picture, right? You don’t see female legislators out there pushing for laws against men’s reproductive rights? You don’t see legislation dictating men to have unnecessary or invasive procedures. So let’s stop this assault on controlling and oppressing women.

Now, Religion. For the sake of argument, lets ignore the obvious that our country was founded under the principles of religious freedom and one’s rights to worship or not worship as they see fit. In that light, my God would never intend for anyone to be raped, and worse, become pregnant from rape. However, it happens. For those dumb-old-men-politicians who are not clear on this, please see my previous blog, Talking the Talk, which should clear up how that works for you. My God also granted us Free Will, for good or ill, to decide for ourselves our path through this universe. And with that Free Will, we decide how to conduct ourselves. How to treat others, and how to live our life. So, let’s just spell it out then. If contraception, abortion, premarital sex, masturbation, or scientific facts and logic are against your religion than, by all means, don’t do or condone it. However, just because your religion doesn’t condone it, doesn’t mean you can force it on everyone else. You don’t see anyone trying to pass legislation prohibiting the consumption of pork, do you?

And, lastly, Sex. If one of the people involved doesn’t want it to happen, it’s rape. There are no gray areas. There is no fine line. If one person is a minor, it’s rape. If one person is unconscious, it’s rape. If one person has any misgivings at all, it’s rape. Rape is rape, it doesn’t need any other defining terms before or after it. Rape is not something to politicize. It’s wrong no matter what side of the aisle you stand on, there’s absolutely no spinning it.

So, why are we still debating and arguing women’s rights? We shouldn’t be. Woman are perfectly capable of deciding when and with whom to have sex, what forms of contraception to use or not, and whether or not to have a child. The last thing they need is a bunch of ignorant, backwards, politicians telling them how to live and conduct their lives.

So I propose, as a population of adults and – supposedly – evolved individuals, we decide right now to never argue or debate women’s rights again. Ever. It’s done. Finished. Fineto.

Good? Excellent. Now, go vote.


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This blog is the result of when a geek and dad has a penchant for writing.
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One Response to Mark’s Angry Rant

  1. HI Mark,
    It seems that if candidates don’t want to discuss the economy or international issues they focus on abortion, Row vs Wade, or any other topic that is NOT on our agenda.
    Most women are concerned with healthcare, jobs and education.

    Thanks for your insight and wonderful words. Now, if we can just clone you we can actually make progress!

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