So what happens when a guy with an overactive imagination finds himself spending long hours in the woods working as a wildlife biologist?  His mind has a lot of time to wander.  The result?  New worlds and odd characters.   Oh, and this blog…

I spend less time in the woods now that I’m a writer and stay at home dad for my two daughters.  When I’m not taking care of them, I’m writing. Now, those walks in the woods are to recharge my imagination and for catching up with moss and trees.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/GreenFyr.

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    Mark I want to thank you. You remember sending me a copy of your book for my grandson Lucas’s birthday? Well, he is nine years old and he read your book in two weeks. He loved it, so much that he is staying with us for a few days and he brought with him. Even though he already read your book, he wants to reread parts of it; those parts that he enjoyed very much. He liked the book so much that, even though he’s only nine, he has agreed to write a review of GREENFYR. I thank you again, look for the Chris’s review and Amazon very shortly.

    Dennis DeRose of moneysaver editing

  2. Thanks, Dennis. I appreciate your post and kind words. Truly thrilled that Lucas enjoyed GreenFyr so much. Can’t wait to read his review. – Mark

  3. Perhaps you would make Lucas’ day and send him a copy of your next book? When did your movie come out and how do we see it? Thanks again…Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing (Lucas’ opa)

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